20 Practical, Thoughtful, & Useful Gifts for Toddlers

Gifts for Toddlers

Gifts for Toddlers

Are you searching for the perfect gifts for toddlers? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore a wide range of gift ideas that are sure to bring joy and delight to the little ones in your life. From educational toys to interactive games, we have curated a list of top-notch presents that are not only fun but also promote early learning and development.

Whether you’re shopping for a toddler gift under $20, birthday gift, holiday, or special occasion, our extensive selection of gifts for toddlers will ensure you find the ideal present to put a smile on their faces.

20 Unique Gifts for Toddlers

When you’re searching for baby gifts, the options are relatively simple. However, when it comes to shopping for toddlers, a vast array of possibilities awaits. It can be an enjoyable experience, but there are numerous choices to consider!

Toddlers are at an age where their imagination is soaring, and they are eager to explore the world around them. It’s important to choose gifts that foster their creativity and allow them to engage in imaginative play. Here are some fantastic gift ideas that will spark their curiosity and bring their imagination to life:

LeapFrog LeapBuilders ABC Smart House

The LeapFrog LeapBuilders ABC Smart House is an educational toy designed to help children learn about letters, numbers, shapes, and more. It combines building blocks with interactive features to provide a fun and engaging learning experience.

Plan Toys Bakery Stand Set

The Plan Toys Bakery Stand Set is a delightful toy designed to spark children’s imagination and creativity. It is a wooden playset that includes a bakery stand, various baked goods, and accessories to create a pretend bakery experience.

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BabyLit Classic Lit A to Z

BabyLit Classic Lit A to Z is a series of board books designed to introduce young children to classic literature in a fun and engaging way. Each book focuses on a specific literary work and presents it through an alphabet format.

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Digits

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Digits is an innovative and educational toy designed to help children learn numbers and develop fine motor skills. It is a tactile sensory toy featuring a grid of colorful silicone buttons with embossed numerals. The Dimpl Digits toy is compact and portable, making it easy for children to hold and manipulate.

Saraswati Devi Saraswati Devi Mini Plush

The Saraswati Devi Mini Plush is a small, soft toy inspired by the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Saraswati is revered as the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom, and learning in Hindu mythology.

The mini plush version of Saraswati Devi is designed to capture the essence and symbolism associated with the deity. The plush toy is made of soft fabric and filled with stuffing, making it huggable and suitable for display or play.

Noodoll Riceananas Pineapple Mini Plush

The Noodoll Riceananas Pineapple Mini Plush is an adorable and huggable toy designed by Noodoll. It is a small plush toy in the shape of a pineapple character called Riceananas, belonging to the Noodoll family of cute and playful creatures. It is made from soft and high-quality materials, making it perfect for cuddling or as a decorative item.

Kido Heart Pop It

The Kido Heart Pop It is a sensory toy that provides a satisfying tactile and auditory experience. It is a heart-shaped silicone toy featuring a grid of small, rounded bubbles that can be pushed and popped. The Pop It toy trend has gained popularity for its ability to offer stress relief, sensory stimulation, and a calming effect.

Squishville Squishmallows Squishville Mall

The Squishville Squishmallows Squishville Mall is a playset designed to create an interactive and imaginative world for Squishmallows plush toys. It provides a setting where children can engage in imaginative play and storytelling with their Squishmallows characters.

The playset includes a miniature mall environment with various features and accessories. It may have multiple levels, shops, a food court, and other areas where Squishmallows can explore and interact.

Madame Alexander Peekaboos

Madame Alexander Peekaboos is a line of interactive dolls designed for young children. These dolls combine the joy of traditional plush toys with interactive features that engage children in imaginative play. Each doll has a hidden surprise element that adds an extra layer of fun and engagement.

Fisher-Price Little People Elsa’s Enchanted Lights Palace

The Fisher-Price Little People Elsa’s Enchanted Lights Palace is a magical playset inspired by the beloved character Elsa from Disney’s Frozen franchise. It offers young children an opportunity to engage in imaginative play and recreate scenes from the enchanting world of Frozen.

GUND Sesame Street People in Your Neighborhood Collection

The GUND Sesame Street People in Your Neighborhood Collection is a delightful collection of plush toys inspired by the beloved characters from Sesame Street. This collection focuses on the diverse and friendly neighbors that children encounter in their everyday lives.

Chronicle Books Crinkle, Crinkle, Little Car

“Crinkle, Crinkle, Little Car” is a children’s book published by Chronicle Books. This engaging book is designed to capture the attention and imagination of young readers through its interactive elements.

The story revolves around a little car and its exciting journey. The book features colorful illustrations that bring the tale to life, captivating young readers and inviting them to explore the world of the little car.

HABA Musical Drumfish

The HABA Musical Drumfish is a delightful toy designed to introduce young children to the world of music and rhythm. This interactive toy features a drum-shaped fish that combines sensory exploration with musical play.

Viking Books for Young Readers Bedtime Classics Book Bundle

The Viking Books for Young Readers Bedtime Classics Book Bundle is a collection of beloved children’s books curated specifically for bedtime reading. This bundle from Viking Books for Young Readers includes a selection of timeless and cherished stories that are perfect for winding down and cozying up before sleep.

Familius 100 First Words for Little Geeks

The Familius 100 First Words for Little Geeks is an engaging book specifically designed to introduce young children to the world of geek culture and vocabulary. This book is a delightful and educational resource that combines early learning with geeky references and imagery.

Crayola My First Toddler Crayons

Crayola My First Toddler Crayons are specially designed art supplies created with the needs and development of young children in mind. These crayons are perfect for toddlers who are just beginning to explore their creativity and express themselves through art.

Hape Mix & Spin Studio Musical Toy

The Hape Mix & Spin Studio Musical Toy is a captivating and interactive toy designed to introduce young children to the world of music and creativity. This musical toy from Hape provides an engaging and hands-on experience for little ones to explore rhythm, sound, and musical composition.

LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train

The LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train is a delightful educational toy designed to introduce young children to numbers and counting. This LEGO set from the DUPLO line combines the fun and creativity of LEGO building with early math concepts, making it an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Cre8tive Minds Basket of Babies

The Cre8tive Minds Basket of Babies is a delightful and educational toy designed to engage young children in imaginative play and nurture their social and emotional development. This toy set includes a basket filled with adorable baby dolls, providing children with an opportunity to engage in nurturing and role-playing activities.

WowWee Baby Shark Song Cube

The WowWee Baby Shark Song Cube is an entertaining musical toy inspired by the popular “Baby Shark” song. This interactive cube, created by WowWee, brings the catchy tune to life and provides young children with a fun and engaging sensory experience.

Final Thoughts: Gifts for Toddlers

When choosing gifts for toddlers, it’s important to consider their age, developmental stage, and interests. Toddlers are typically between the ages of 1 and 3, a period of rapid growth and exploration. Here are some ideas to help you select appropriate gifts for toddlers:

  1. Safety first: Always prioritize safety when selecting gifts for toddlers. Avoid small parts that could be choking hazards, sharp edges, or toxic materials. Look for toys that meet safety standards and have been tested for durability.
  2. Developmental toys: Choose toys that promote their cognitive, physical, and social development. For cognitive development, consider puzzles, shape sorters, and stacking toys. For physical development, items like ride-on toys, balls, and building blocks can be great options. Social development can be encouraged through pretend play sets, dolls, or interactive games.
  3. Books: Reading is essential for language development, imagination, and bonding with caregivers. Look for sturdy board books with colorful pictures and simple stories that are engaging for toddlers. Interactive books with textures or sounds can also capture their attention.
  4. Art supplies: Toddlers enjoy exploring their creativity. Non-toxic finger paints, washable markers, and large crayons are suitable choices. You can also consider art easels with magnetic boards or chalkboards for drawing and painting activities.
  5. Musical instruments: Musical toys like drums, xylophones, or toy keyboards can introduce toddlers to the world of music. It helps with rhythm, coordination, and sensory development. Look for instruments designed specifically for young children.
  6. Outdoor play: Encourage physical activity and exploration with outdoor toys. Ride-on toys, tricycles, or balance bikes can help improve their coordination and balance. Playhouses, sandboxes, or water tables can provide hours of imaginative play.
  7. Stuffed animals and dolls: Soft and cuddly toys can provide comfort and companionship for toddlers. Look for age-appropriate stuffed animals or dolls that are safe for young children. These toys can support emotional development and pretend play.
  8. Puzzles and games: Simple puzzles with large, chunky pieces can help develop problem-solving and fine motor skills. There are also age-appropriate games available that focus on matching, memory, or basic counting skills.
  9. Building sets: Toddlers enjoy constructing and experimenting. Building blocks, magnetic tiles, or interlocking gears can stimulate their creativity and spatial awareness. Look for sets that are easy for little hands to manipulate.
  10. Outdoor exploration kits: Introduce toddlers to the wonders of nature with exploration kits. These can include items like binoculars, magnifying glasses, bug catchers, or gardening tools. Such kits encourage curiosity and learning about the world around them.

Remember that every child is unique, so consider their individual preferences and developmental needs when selecting gifts. Observe their interests and choose toys that will engage their curiosity and foster their growth and learning.

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FAQs on Gifts for Toddlers

What are some educational toys for toddlers?

There are many educational toys available for toddlers. Some popular options include building blocks, puzzles, shape sorters, alphabet or number toys, and interactive learning games. These toys can help develop cognitive skills, fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and early literacy or numeracy skills.

Are there any specific toys for sensory development?

Yes, there are toys designed to stimulate the senses and promote sensory development in toddlers. Examples include textured balls, sensory play mats, musical instruments, play dough or modeling clay, and sensory bottles filled with various materials like water, beads, or sand.

What are some safe art supplies for toddlers?

For toddlers, safe art supplies include non-toxic finger paints, washable markers, large crayons, and child-safe scissors with rounded edges. It’s important to supervise toddlers during art activities to ensure they don’t put art supplies in their mouths and to prevent any accidents.

Are there gender-specific toys for toddlers?

While some toys may be marketed as gender-specific, it’s important to remember that children’s interests are diverse and can vary greatly regardless of gender. It’s best to focus on a child’s individual preferences and interests rather than limiting choices based on gender stereotypes.

What are some suitable gifts for active toddlers?

Active toddlers can benefit from toys that promote physical movement and coordination. Ride-on toys, tricycles, balance bikes, balls, and play structures like climbing frames or slides are great options for encouraging active play.

Can I give technology-based toys to toddlers?

While there are technology-based toys available for toddlers, it’s important to use them in moderation and choose age-appropriate options. Look for interactive toys that encourage hands-on play, promote learning, and have simple features suitable for young children.

Are board books better than regular books for toddlers?

Board books are generally recommended for toddlers because they are sturdy and can withstand rough handling. They often have thicker pages that are easier for toddlers to turn. However, regular books with paper pages can also be introduced under adult supervision to teach children how to handle books gently.

Are there any outdoor toys suitable for toddlers?

Yes, there are outdoor toys specifically designed for toddlers. Some popular options include ride-on toys, sandboxes, water tables, playhouses, and small slides. These toys allow toddlers to explore and engage in imaginative play while enjoying the outdoors.

Are there any gifts that promote social skills in toddlers?

Yes, there are toys that can promote social skills in toddlers. Pretend play sets, dolls, and toy kitchens can encourage cooperative play and sharing. Board games or matching games can also help toddlers learn turn-taking and following rules while interacting with others.

What are some practical gifts for toddlers?

Practical gifts for toddlers can include items like clothing, shoes, backpacks, mealtime sets, or bedding with their favorite characters. These gifts can be both useful and enjoyable for toddlers and their caregivers.

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